HC-SR501 PIR Human Motion Detector


PIR stands for passive infrared and can detect the movement of heat sources (such as a human).  It has a very simple single pin digital interface.  The pin reads either high or low depending on if it senses motion or not.


  • 3.3v level ttl output (compatible with 5v level)
  • Built in voltage regulator so can be powered from 4.5v to 20v
  • Adjustable range detection from 3 to 7 meters
  • Angle of detection is about 140 degrees
  • Adjustable delay time between sensing of 5 to 200 seconds
  • Can choose between being triggered only once or continuously

How to use:
(all relational direction is assumed to have the board with the 3 pins on the bottom and 2 pots (variable resistor) on top)

  • The jumper on the bottom of the board determines if you want only a single trigger or continuous.
    • For continuous mode the jumper should be set between the middle pin and the top pin
    • For single mode operation the jumper should be set between the middle pin and the bottom pin (this will allow it to sense one movement then stop sensing)
  • The left pot controls the length of time the output is high after detection
  • The right pot controls the sensing distance
  • The right pin is GND
  • The middle pin is sense out
  • The left pin is Vcc
  • Sense out will latch to high (3.3v)  for however long you set it to when movement is detected
  • Sense out will latch to low (GND) for 3 seconds after there is no motion for the predefined time
  • Sense out will then continue to output GND until a new motion is detected
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  • Manufactured by: WE Electronics

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